Editor’s bit

With such a full calendar there’s not much room for our bit this month so we will keep it
short. May all your dreams be filled with lovely volkswagens and keep sending us photos
and stories, we love hearing from you! Also there are still a couple of spots free if you want
to show your car at the Norwood parade Christmas pageant, get in touch with Mal if you
are interested.
We would also like to congratulate one of our sponsors Kombis4u. They have just had a
win in the Australian Bridal Industry Awards – Best wedding transport in SA as voted by our
Brides and Grooms with a score of 99.71%. Awesome work guys well done, if you need some
sweet transport for your big day, give them a call.
Drive safely, Becky & Taylor Ramone.

President Report November 2014

As I reported last month, the arrival of Daylight Saving has brought a plethora of events
through the VWCSA. By the time you read this Julia have been to Melbourne and (hopefully)
back to attend the VWCV Day of the Volkswagen. It’s the first time since 2008 after being
regulars prior to that. Expect about 250-300 Volkswagens there. Also, the first of our Friday
night get togethers has been and we will look at the numbers attending to see if it is viable.
Right after the GM is the Norwood Christmas Pageant on Sat. Nov. 22nd. If you have
previously indicated you are attending, please confirm with Mal. We need 4 Volkswagens,
and it’s disappointing that at this time, we only have 3 who had shown interest. It is a great
little event that takes a few hours on that Saturday morning.
Don’t forget the Coorong Dragons Dragon Boat event is on Sunday 23rd. Terry has revised
the program as there has been so little interest shown in this event. If you are attending,
please check out the Poster further in this Magazine, as it gives the revised (earlier) starting
time. It will be a great day out!!
The following Sunday (30th) is the Volks Enthusiasts Club show day at Elder Park. I hope we
get a good roll up, and take home many trophies.
The following Sunday 7th Dec, is the Annual Mini Golf at the Barossa Bowland. This is a
popular event and this time we are having a pub lunch. Can anyone break the stranglehold
that Mal and Peter J have on this event?
Julia & I will be on a run to Port Wakefield Hotel the following Sunday (14th) with the Street
Machine Association of SA. Looks like a n interesting event, and even better since I don’t
have to organize it.
Member’s Raffle for October was drawn at the General Meeting. Up for grabs was the
sum of $40. The number drawn was 128, Jacek Holgar. Unfortunately Jacek was not in
attendance so the amount jackpots to $50 at the November GM.
The Committee has spent the last 2 months working on our DOVW preparations. Not a lot
achieved in volume, but a couple of important decisions made. At this point in time it is
scheduled for February 15th. While we will still need Members to help out on the Day, it
will be easier work and for not as long. We NEED Members to become involved. Please
volunteer to help YOUR Club on this important Day. Failure to obtain enough help can have
some serious negative consequences to this Club.
See you at the General Meeting.
Der Präsident Schreibt