Easter BugIn 2016

The Volkswagen Club of Western Australia (Inc) will be hosting the 47th Nation-al Bug-In in Perth in 2016.
The Bug-In will again be held over Easter and in 2016 the dates are 25th to 28th March.
It is proposed to once again have a ‘Road Trip’ after the Bug-In for about 4-5 days.

Annual General Meeting 18th June 2015 07:30pm

The Club has been managed by the same members for the past several years, who are not getting any younger! They feel that it is time for some fresh faces (with possibly some fresh ideas) to take over some of these roles, and have indicated that they do not wish to seek re-election at the forthcoming AGM.
If these positions are not filled, the Club cannot exist and may have to be wound up according to the constitution. This means that all activities of the Club (including outings and the Day of the Volkswagen) will not be held in future years, nor will you receive your monthly Wagen News.
Additionally, all vehicles which are currently on conditional registration with the Club will become unregistered, and cannot be driven on public roads unless and until the owners join another approved club and complete new paperwork, or register the vehicle(s) on normal registration at additional expense.
So – if you if you the least bit interested in the future of this great Club, please come along to the AGM and put your hand up for one of the positions on the Committee.
(The present office bearers will be happy to give the new people some guidance in their roles – you will not just given some papers and left to it!)

18 June— 7.30 AGM at the T Ford Club Rooms, Port Road, Croydon, after the General Meeting

May 2015 Vice President’s Report

As I tried to think about how to impress upon you how important this year’s AGM is, I re-read my report from last month and thought it said it all – so to save me typing it again, here it is!
I know you probably read the same plea every year, but this year it is extremely important that you attend the AGM in June and preferably take on a position on the Committee. As you are aware Maris resigned earlier this year as President and Julia will not be standing for the positions of Secretary or Treasurer. As these are the three main positions of any club, you can see that we have some con-cerns. To compound that our Editors have given notice that will not be continu-ing either. If you have any ideas about how to improve the club (even if those ideas are a bit radical) please contact me prior to the June meeting. The club is approaching its 60th anniversary and it has a rich history. PLEASE GIVE THIS SOME THOUGHT TO HELP YOUR CLUB!!

Last month we enjoyed a short drive out to St. Kilda where a few of us walked along the boardwalks amongst the mangroves. Unfortunately, the viewing platform at the half-way point has been blocked for safety reasons, but it was a pleasant walk nonetheless. Richard took his children to the large playground and then we caught up at the Hotel for lunch. Excellent food, both size and quality – and at a reasonable price! Following lunch we took a short trip to the Virginia Nursery which was well worth a look, especially if you are a gardener or even if you just want to have a look at the variety of gift shops.
Next month we have the Historic Registration Day on the 14th and the Worldwide Day of the Beetle on the 21st. If you want to know about either of these events, the details are in this magazine, or you contact me.
Hope to see you at the AGM on Thursday 18th June!!
See you soon at a GM or club run – Mal

St Kilda Mangrove Cruise 24th May 15

Cruise is scheduled for Sunday 24th May 15 10:30 At Villi’s Cafe (426 Main North Road Blair Athol) 11:00 departure to the St Kilda Beach for a walk along the mangrove trail, followed by lunch at the St. Kilda Beach Hotel.